Web Site Statistics
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Web Site Statistics

To activate: Click the 'Web Site Statistics' option.
The Web Site Statistics option is used to view a count of the number of visitors to site and to view a count of the Facilities accessed from the Resource Directory and to view a count of the number of Eligibility Programs that are matched when the client qualifies.  The facilities and eligibility programs are listed in the order of highest count to lowest.
To Print :
1.   Click the Print button under the facility grid to print facilities.
2.   Click the Print button under the program grid to print programs.
3.   A report will be displayed with a list of all records.

·    The user must have the appropriate rights to use this option.
·    Any time a Print is done it opens the display of the report in Internet Explorer.  To return to the previous screen (in Community) the user needs to click on the ‘back arrow’ in Internet Explorer.  If they click on the ‘x’ it closes Internet Explorer and the Community application.