Quick Referral
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Quick Referral

To activate: Click the 'Quick Referral' option.


The Quick Referral option will allow for users to provide an electronic referral for a client for an eligibility program into the CareScope application.  This is similar to creating a referral in Quick Eligibility except the user can specify a program without having to enter the client’s eligible criteria.  


Setup and Use:
1.   Enter in the client information. Notes: If this client is not in the CareScope system, a client record will be created with an incomplete status.  If the client is already in the CareScope system and seems to have a duplicate because there are two clients with the same last name, first name and date of birth, they will both be displayed and the user will be prompted to select the correct client.

2.   Enter in the Specific Program Referral.

3.   Referral From field will be defaulted with the primary facility of the current user.

4.   Case Worker field will be defaulted with current user.

5.   Make sure the Referral To facility is the correct one, if not change it.  Note: Only facilities that are associated with the selected program will be listed as a choice for this field.

6.   Referral Date field will be defaulted with current date.

7.   Referral Status field will be defaulted with ‘Pending’. 

8.   All fields that are highlighted are mandatory.

9.   Enter in the Service Value and Notes if desired.

10.            Change any other information if necessary.

11.            Click on the Submit Referral(s) button.

12.            Community will display a message that says, "Referral(s) have been added for Client ID: #########, Name: Client Name."

13.            An email will be sent to the email address that is setup in the Referral To facility’s contact record. Facilities must have an email address entered in their record and the checkbox allowing that email address to be used for referrals must be checked.

14.            The main contact who receives the referral notice email will go into the Referral Center of the CareScope Community web module and assign the referral(s) to the appropriate case worker(s) and make any other necessary changes.

15.            When the caseworker opens CareScope, they will see their open referrals in the Message Center.  To access an open referral, they must double click it from the Message Center and make the appropriate changes to the referral before saving it.

16.            Next, the client’s record will be displayed.  The caseworker should make any necessary changes.

·    The user must have the appropriate rights to use this option.
·    Any time a print is done it opens the display of the report in Internet Explorer.  To return to the previous screen (in Community) the user needs to click on the back arrow in Internet Explorer.  If they click on the ‘x’ it closes Internet Explorer and the Community application. 
·    When a referral is created and an email is sent, it will display a message that a referral email has been sent to the Referral To facilities.  Also, if there is an email failure where email is not sent due to SQL mail exception then an error message will be displayed showing referral email failed.
·     To see these emails and messages the option in system must be checked.