Facility Search
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Facility Search

To activate: Click the 'Facility Search' option.
The Facility Search option is used to allow users to insert, change and view facility information.

To Search or Change:
1.   Enter in search criteria.
2.   Click the Search button.  Then click the Select button next to the desired facility record.  Make changes as desired and click Save.

To Insert :
1.   Click the Insert button and select the appropriate values for each field.
2.   Click the Save button.


To Print :
1.   Enter in search criteria.
2.   Click the Search button.
3.   Click the Print button.
4.   A report will be displayed with the search results.

·    The user must have the appropriate rights to use this option.
·    When changing or inserting a record, you can expand all the sections by clicking on the ‘Expand All’ button in top right corner and then click on it again to shrink back.
·    All mandatory fields are highlighted.
·    Any time a Print is done it opens the display of the report in Internet Explorer.  To return to the previous screen (in Community) the user needs to click on the ‘back arrow’ in Internet Explorer.  If they click on the ‘x’ it closes Internet Explorer and the Community application.